LaTribuna Christian Publishing Reports On The Need For Bringing The Love and The Compassion of Christ Back Into American Healthcare

Phoenix, AZ, Sep 11, 2020 -- LaTribuna Christian Publishing’s CEO Chaplain Paul Vescio was recently interviewed on The Gary Baumgarten Report on Sept. 8 where he talked about the need of bringing the love and the compassion of Christ Yeshua back into American healthcare. Chaplain Paul was quoted saying, “Right now patients in nursing homes, care centers and medical rehabs are being separated, isolated and heavily medicated with psych meds and anti-depressants even to the point of losing their mental state of mind. Patients are being starved for attention, compassion, and love. And there it is right there, love, because in the absence of love the human condition dies, we die spiritually, emotionally, and yes even physically, we die a little more with each passing day.”

Chaplain Paul was also quoted saying, “There needs to be a safe, fair, compassionate pathway to visitation created in American healthcare providers. Love is the medicine we all need in order to have a healthy state of mind, body and soul. We have got to do more in making end of life issues more loving and humane in this country. Its not right that our loved ones, our neighbors, friends, co-workers etc. are having to go it alone when dealing with going to the hospital or having to live in a nursing home or medical rehab. The situation right now is absolutely tragic how these poor suffering people are being treated and, in my opinion, patients are being treated worse than prison inmates and zoo animals. Confining patients to their rooms 24-7 is very cruel and creates a very lonely existence for millions of patients across our nation.”

Chaplain Paul was also quoted saying, “Right now, in American healthcare end of life issues are horrifying at best. Most patients are having to go it alone without the hands-on support and love of family and Clergy. Patients are dying all alone or at best surrounded by total strangers. There is a better way at least for believers in Christ. Churches investing in buying and building nursing homes, care centers, medical rehabs, and group homes. Then they staff them with compassionate Christian doctors and nurses and staff members. Then the Church encourages the Body of Christ to volunteer in being caregivers and compassionate volunteers.

Believers in Christ can be trained as Chaplains and then when we enter into end of life issues we can be assured of being lifted up onto glory surrounded by caring, loving compassionate believers in Christ, Now instead of dying all alone we are surrounded by the love of the Body of Christ, now instead of dying filled with loneliness, worry, doubt , fear, anxiety, depression and having our life savings stripped away from us right before our eyes, now we are at peace knowing that God has provided for all our needs. It’s time to put the love and compassion of Christ back in end of life issues for the glory of God.”

LaTribuna Christian Publishing supports acts of kindness, compassion and love here is the link to Chaplain Paul’s Podcast interview dated Sept. 8th. Titled, In Some States Nursing Home Chaplains Are Being Locked Out Because Of The Pandemic

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