New Book Journey 2 Consciousness: C'est La Vie (That’s Life) Wins # 1 in African Poetry Category on Amazon

National News - New Book Journey 2 Consciousness: C’est Lie (that's life) wins # 1 in African Poetry Category on and # 2 Bestseller in New Book Releases. Prepare yourself as you embark on a journey to self-love, self-empowerment, and knowledge of self. Ebook PREORDERS are available now on Amazon Release on October 6, 2020! 

We are truly the manifestation of our ancestors’ imagination. The goal of “Journey 2 Consciousness: C'est La Vie” book is to inspire, hustle, and motivate. In this book, we will discover what love, success, failure, struggle, and power mean in our lives through poetry, reflective journaling, positive affirmations, and everything hip-hop.

This book is a product of Hip Hop culture and serves as an encouraging reminder to those who feel lost—that things will be okay, and you will reach your desired destination. We must learn and grow from our mistakes. Therefore, never give up! It's time to wake up and level up because our time is now! It is a never ending journey. We can't be free until we are all free! Respect to the legends of our culture.

Rest in power 2pac and Nipsey Hussle. If it wasn't for your words, this book would have never been written.

About Author: Kendrick Duwa Chea is a global citizen. A 90s baby born in New York who was raised with the values of his Haitian & Liberian family. He is a Pan African by birth not by choice. Chea believes that life’s experiences are the best teacher. Knowledge of self, self-empowerment, & self-love are the values that he stands for and guides his life journey.  Journey 2 Consciousness: C'est La Vie is his first published work of art.

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