SaTT Smart Advertising Token Announces Third Exchange Listing on Within Days

Singapore, September 23, 2020 -- Hot on the heels of the KuCoin-Uniswap listing announcement last Friday, smart advertising marketplace SaTT is proud to announce yet another stellar exchange in its lineup - BW Exchange, famed for its beginnings as one of top three mining pools in the cryptocurrency space.

With just two days left, the SaTT ICO has been generating major buzz, hitting its soft cap of USD 3,360,000 within a week. The amount raised currently stands at USD 4.7 million, a remarkable feat considering the mostly barren ICO terrain.

“The SaTT marketplace is going to disrupt and solve the problems of current advertising transactions with the blockchain,” declares Cathy Zhu, BW’s Global CEO. “We are looking forward to working with the SaTT team and introducing SaTT to more users.”

Indeed the faith that both exchanges and token holders are placing in the SaTT project is not unwarranted. As one of the few blockchain projects armed with a working product, SaTT’s two year journey has been one of unwavering persistence.

“SaTT is delighted to be partnering with BW to offer premium crypto exchange services for our community,” chimes in Gauthier Bros, SaTT CEO. “With 21 million registered users and 6 thousand daily active users, we are confident that BW can meet our liquidity needs and provide competitive market pricing for the SATT token.”

Co-founded in 2014 by one of the largest miner manufacturers in the world, BW provides one-stop shop mining solutions. In 2018, BW formed a strategic alliance with to establish the world's first digital asset derivatives trading platform based on the mining pool. In April of this year, BW obtained the MSB (Money Service Business) license issued by the US Treasury Department FinCEN, achieving a US compliance milestone.

The SATT token will be listed for trading as a SATT/USDT trading pair on BW Exchange on September 24, 2020, at 18:00 (UTC + 8). Deposits will open on September 23, 2020, at 18:00 (UTC + 8) and withdrawals on September 27, 2020, at 18:00 (UTC + 8). Stay tuned to SaTT’s official social channels as more details and exciting trading promos will be revealed in the coming days.

About SaTT:
SaTT, which stands for Smart Advertising Transaction Token, is a utility token that enables advertisers to buy smart advertising services on its ethereum-based dApp. All transactions between advertisers and influencers/publishers are governed by the SaTT smart contract which ensures speed, transparency and security, and is cost-efficient.

The SaTT dApp helps to quantify ROI by using Oracles to retrieve data from 3rd-party API of social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Actions performed, such as LIKES, SHARES, VIEWS, TWEETS etc. can then be evaluated and if all criteria is successfully met, payments are triggered automatically from the advertiser’s preloaded budget to the wallet of the influencer/publisher. Fast, tamper-proof, secure and cost-efficient, the SaTT smart advertising system is a perfect use case of the ethereum smart contract.

About BW Exchange:
With its early beginnings as one of three famous mining pools, BW has produced nearly 500,000 BTC, 3 million LTC and nearly 1.5 million ETH, altogether a total value of more than USD 5 billion. From mining pool to exchange, in August 2018, and launched a strategic alliance to establish the world's first digital asset derivatives trading platform based on the mining pool.

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