Announcing BrainTrain's New TechTools: MemoryXCel and MemoryTrain

Richmond, VA, Oct 14, 2020 -- BrainTrain announces the release of two new memory training programs for Windows 10 – MemoryXcel (ages 12 – 99+) and MemoryTrain (ages 6 – 12). Targeting working memory, attention, verbal reasoning, and processing speed, the software provides technology tools for clinicians or educators to use to help clients and students improve their cognitive functioning and learning skills. Research shows that training attention and working memory are essential for the development of executive functioning and cognition. Designed by a neuropsychologist, these new brain training TechTools may be administered by a clinician or educator either in the office or remotely in the person’s home, an important feature when in-office sessions may not be feasible.

In addition to providing progressively more challenging training exercises, the software includes several unique features. First, these brain training systems begin with testing that creates a customized structured training plan based on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Since both MemoryXcel and MemoryTrain each contain hundreds of hierarchical exercises, there is enough variety in the tasks to hold the user’s interest for a considerable period of time. Another popular feature of the software is the video game rewards are provided for kids. As children progress through the program, they will be rewarded with entertaining “game breaks” to help motivate them. Additionally, optional BrainPower EEG technology is available that provides supplementary training, encouraging individuals to develop relaxed, positive mental states that facilitate learning and help reduce stress.

About BrainTrain:
Founded in 1989 by a neuropsychologist, BrainTrain, Inc., is known worldwide for its award-winning cognitive testing, reading and brain-training software for all ages.

Media Contact:
Joseph Sandford
BrainTrain, Inc.