Whiz Kid Support Launches Real Estate Division

Worcester, MA, Oct 16, 2020 -- Whiz Kid Support, a Worcester, MA-based IT support company tailored toward household computer users and home-based business and WFH professionals, announced the launch of its real estate division. This special division will feature products and services tailor-made to real estate professionals who work out of a home office.

“The pandemic has slowed down a number of businesses, but not the real estate market. Having your computers go down can lite­rally cost a realtor thousands of dollars with one missed sale,” said Paul LaFlamme, owner of Whiz Kid Support. “We created this division with support staff who have specific experience in working with real estate professionals to keep those folks up and running online.”

Whiz Kid Solutions provides remote computer services for real estate professionals experiencing a wide range of common issues---slow computer, e-mail problems, security, stopping pop-ups, or setting up new computers. For those issues that can’t be fixed remotely, Whiz Kid Support also offers on-site and zero-contact drop off repair by appointment. 

Other issues Whiz Kid Support addresses include computer security and safety; printing problems; e-mail issues; slow dropping Wi-Fi; back-ups; and more. Whiz Kid Support also offers coaching and training as well as new computer sales and replacements. 

“Many realtors have the added challenge of being a one- or two-person show but are tied into a national company and their server. That can mean a few things. First, they need their computers to be running at peak efficiency at all times. Second, if they do have an issue, the company IT staff might not be nearly as responsive as Whiz Kids,” said LaFlamme. “Again, with this new division, we can give real estate professionals a leg up on their competition who may not have a resource like us. The real estate industry uses many web sites and online resources that don’t work correctly if web browser settings aren’t just right. Our Whiz Kids know how to keep these sites working.”

In addition to real estate professionals and household customers, Whiz Kid Support also serves small businesses with three computers or less. Whiz Kid Support service plans range from one-time fixes to Bronze, Silver and Gold options. The plans are per computer and not for one specific individual. 

“Our service plans are flexible and offer a viable, stress-free solution for a wide range of users, including households with one or more students; home businesses; seniors; etc.,” said LaFlamme.

For complete information on Whiz Kid Support plans and services, visit whizkidsupport.com.

About Whiz Kid Support:
Whiz Kid Support provides computer support services to individual home users and to small/independent businesses with three or fewer computers. A sister company to Centrend (https://www.centrend.com/), Whiz Kid Support offers one-time rates and annual service plans and fixes a wide range of computer issues. Whiz Kid Support also offers coaching, training and consultation services on purchasing new computers. For more information, call 774-778-2800 or visit https://www.whizkidsupport.com.

Media Contact:
Steven V. Dubin, PR Works