Lion King Event Launches on Clubhouse app to Spread Joy in the Digital Space

Los Angeles, CA, Dec 29, 2020 -- Lion King: The Musical on Clubhouse is a free virtual live concert event taking place on December 26th 2020, exclusively on Clubhouse. This event was created by marketing executive and event producer Noelle Chesnut Whitmore after being in a room with Bomani X & Myles Grier where she recognized Chris "Boogie" Glover, another user on Clubhouse, had a distinct voice and would be perfect to play Mufasa. Myles then started performing Simba's lines and the idea took flight from there and has scaled to a full cast and crew of over forty actors, narrators, imagery (PTR), musicians, and a choir.

Noelle Chesnut Whitmore is serving as the director and executive producer. Kam Dela and Bomani X, whose picture is the current icon for the Clubhouse app, are serving as the musical directors. Award-winning actor Myles Grier will voice Simba, and Mir Harris will voice Nala. Other featured entertainers include actress and producer Gina Belafonte, Dr. Victor, Minh Do, Brandon Rainey, Tunde Sho, Dai Thompson, Felicia Brathwaite, Aja Monet, Shannon Yang and many others.

With the event being audio-based, the cast and crew have gotten creative with telling this story on the app. They are not only using live instrumentation, but they are also incorporating imagery and scenes from the original movie as constantly updating profile pictures of the participants while the performance progresses.

The event founder stated, "What started as a random conversation on Clubhouse has scaled to something much greater. We have so many talented people contributing their time and energy to this performance. Our goal is just to spread some joy to people through these events. I never imagined this would get such a huge response."

Although this is their first virtual music event as a collective, Noelle Chesnut Whitmore looks forward to expanding their digital footprint on Clubhouse and beyond.

The event takes place December 26, 2020 at 12pm PT/3pm EST and 5pm PT/8pm EST on the Clubhouse app.

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