Out Now! David Ireland's 'A Good Old Fashioned Christmas' - A Song for Our Times of Love, Peace & Understanding

Stroud, England, Dec 16, 2020 -- David Ireland brings a bright message for the season ahead. 'A Good Old Fashioned Christmas' strips back the commerciality we are used to and reminds us that there is no shame in bringing out that treasured box of 'last years' trimmings' to light up our Christmas days and nights.

David's Christmas EP is available to buy or stream at https://linktr.ee/davidirelandmusic

We all love receiving and giving at this time of year, and the song reminds us that 'Peace and Understanding is the greatest gift of all!'

This year, more than any other year - it really is the thought that counts!

David's song will get your toes tapping and that infectious chorus will have you singing at the top of your voices. (There are two instrumental versions available, so feel free to get the Karaoke mic out and sing along - let David have a listen to your own version - david@stroudvintage.com

'A Good Old Fashioned Christmas' is available on all good streaming and download platforms.


'A Good Old Fashioned Christmas'

Ho Ho Ho Ho!
Do you wish you had a stash of cash to blow?
Well, we're all in the same boat – who's got the dough?
So come on buck the trend
We can all make do and mend
Just dust off last year's trimmings - who's to know?

And does it feel as if your back's against the wall?
Well, it's the Christmas thoughts that count, however small
Forget those winter blues, don't stand shivering in the queues
Cause peace and understanding is the greatest gift of all

Let's have a Good Old Fashioned Christmas
With sleigh bells in the snow
A Good Old Fashioned Christmas
Like the ones we used to know
Peace and understanding is the greatest gift of all
So let's all have a Good Old Fashioned Christmas

Do you wish that you could ride on Santa's sleigh?
And leave your cares and worries far away
Well, we all hold the key to set the world free
So let's lend the hand of friendship everyday.

At Christmas, there's no room
For all that gloom and doom
The newsman gives us every blooming day
Just go that extra mile
And in a little while, your Christmas smile will twinkle all the way!


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