RJ Cooper Creates The Best Technological Tools for People with Special Needs

Santa Ana, CA, December 10, 2020 -- RJ Cooper & Associates, Inc. is a company based in Santa Ana, California that is owned and operated by RJ Cooper who is a technologist and an inventor by profession. As a person who loves to study human behavior and its intricate aspects, RJ Cooper has devoted his career to the pursuit of developing fully customized solutions that can resolve the physical mobility challenges that are faced by many people. He is also an avid researcher on communication technology and is thoroughly dedicated to improve the quality of life for people who face significant challenges. Anyone having some kind of special need can rely on RJ Cooper for having clever custom solutions.

From the very beginning, RJ Cooper has taken an active interest in the sphere of Assistive Technology and in the last 30 years, he has made major leaps of improvement when it comes to developing advanced technological solutions that are simple, unique, and effective. As a person who has studied Electrical Engineering/Computer Science at the University of Utah and special needs related curriculum at other universities, RJ Cooper has been always determined to make use of technology to improve the lives of people with special needs. His love for people along with his keen interest in different types of special needs encouraged him to achieve his B.A. from the University of California-Irvine in Developmental Psychology as well as a Master's in Education from Arizona State University with a concentration in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The products that are made by RJ Cooper are designed to have a major, tangible impact in people's lives so that their hidden capabilities can be unlocked. RJ Cooper is always ready to work one-on-one with his clients so that they can make full use of their capabilities. Some of the products that are offered by RJ Cooper include computer access software, environmental controllers, computer software for learning and training, gaming tools, switches, apps for iPhones and iPads, tools for enjoying and making music and positioning stuff.

About RJ Cooper:
RJ Cooper is an engineer, educator, and a technologist who is dedicated to create innovative and custom products that can help people having special needs.

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