Blac Chyna Bullies Blind Man From Her Hometown

Washington, DC, January 19, 2021 -- Jenleeion sent a cover pitch along with several dates for Blac Chyna once she agreed to a cover shoot and interview with the publication. Blac Chyna, selected December 16,2020. Jenleeion sent over the designer, hair stylist, booked studio location etc... Blac Chyna advised that she would link her makeup artist and asked if Jenleeion would cover the MUA fee's. Jenleeion agreed and the call sheet was sent out to everyone that was involved in the project for confirmation. Jenleeion then booked 5 around trip flights and 3 hotels rooms for our 2 night stay in LA for their team traveling from Washington DC to Los Angeles. On the morning of the shoot at 10:56am pst, her call time, Jenleeion received a message from Blac Chyna requesting to resend the schedule so she could print it out and a contact number. Jenleeion sent that over and about 30 minutes later Jenleeion received a call from someone named Larry who said he was her liaison for the day.

Larry informed the EIC that Blac Chyna was finishing up a press with WeTV that morning and was running behind and assured Jenleeion that she was wrapping up and would be on the way. The EIC spoke to Larry several times about her eta to the studio that day. Larry then requested the Zevarra Lofts DTLA address and sent a screenshot of the gps so the crew could see how long they would be. The gps advised of a 47 min arrival time to the Zevarra Lofts location. Jenleeion gave it an hr due to LA traffic and tried to call to check if they were close and Larry stopped answering the phone and Blac Chyna stop replying to our email correspondence as well.

Mario Bonds, was scheduled to do the interview with Blac Chyna to go along with the cover story.

After Mario Bonds was bullied by Blac Chyna, he caught up with Tokyo Toni, Blac Chyna's mother to talk about his experience, overcoming bullying and Tokyo's tips on maintaining self-worth.
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