Author of Prerequisite to Adulting Plans to Release "Wealthy Mom, Rich Mom" Summer 2021

Malibu, CA, February 20, 2021 -- Is it possible to be underemployed and a grad? Why is Shelton writing yet another "how to book"? Easy, because people still do not understand the difference and the FREEDOM of being wealthy and being rich.

Journey with her.

Underemployment sucks! How I Wish Prerequisite to Adulting 101 Was out As a Kid!! I did what they told me to do. I went to college. My parents saved, so I did not have to take out loans. Quoted Shelton

She did not graduate on time; however, she did well enough to score an "A" on her college internship, what was Shelton thinking? Some thought it was a dream come true; while others thought she lost her plum mind. However, all of her friends thought she was living life and rich! Was it living in base housing, was it having a new Accord?

Everything my mom & dad told me to do, I did!--Shelton

Fast forward 5 years, Shelton found herself on 146 st and Amsterdam Ave NYC looking for ways to break into an abandoned building so she could find shelter to sleep—or at least, use the bathroom.

That dingy abandonmium was hers, it was meager but Sheltons. It was not Base Housing, but it was home for her. She would use the superintendents' cherry-scented pine cleaner (that they left in the hallway) and tried her best to sanitize and make it bearable.

The Fall and Spring months worked well; but Hunny, come, Winter and Summer, those extreme goods. It was during this difficult stage of homelessness, unemployment, and underemployment that Shelton developed the habits and skills that would help her land an opportunity that would turn into her dream job

Survival of the fittest created a strong sense of hustle, I had to begin my education all over again. If I wanted to succeed, she had to fully understand the need to succeed and the need to win..but how? Shelton traded homelessness for an abusive relationship, that was the worse, It seemed that she would most rather the bench and that abandoned Brownstone as opposed to the busted lips and blackened eyes.

LaSean wondered often what did she miss while at College, like which part flew over her head, which class would have given me skills to be better equipped because certainly, she missed the mark. Her primary goal was to make her family proud, live the American Dream and follow the plan, go to school, get married, have a kid, get a badass job, retire then die.

It looked like her life was out of order and death was not supposed to be on the chopping block, at least not just yet.

Hiding from her family, she began spiraling out of control; she medicated pain, and was losing herself, no longer did she did recognize herself and something had to give...then one day.

Someone told Shelton to read more and more daily...but how? She borrowed books from friends, got a library card, and read magazines that were left in the hallways. The internet was still young at that time, the little man was still running across the screen for goodness’ sake...Because of her financial situation (dead broke), She couldn't afford Coaching, mentorship; but all she heard was that mind is a terrible thing to waste commercials in her head and her dad recapitulating LeVar Burton's tagline, The more you learn the more you earn...

It was then that she landed a Counselor Training Program that kept her focused, then she earned a CASAC and grew like crazy until, she capped her income, close to 6 figures; and yet Shelton did not feel fulfilled. I fell in love and it was the epitome of unconditional. Salaam and Shelton met during an insane period of their lives... welcoming their son prior to this success, they thought we were living the life and was rich because they had more than others.

Coupled with Shelton's mother's passing, she felt empty. But refused to give up, she was not going back. Shelton remembers taking out her Blackberry, looking for space on the calendar to see if she could start building a business, It was like she busting working ridiculous hours for someone else; however, she did nothing for herself. So she started an LLC, E8gcreight Enterprises, and quotes:

"I did not know WHAT the hell I was doing. I just knew that it felt good to own a business, It earned about 8k that year, and then I learned more about being a biz owner and tax codes and more, Salaam was so proud of me, I was proud of was like life was finally happening."

Soon, she lost it all; she had a travel agency and made one dangerous move and it was gone, all of it. The 6 figure goal that she was back on track to earn was gone; because of one wrong decision. Rule number one in business, trust no one that is not certified and vetted near your books.

Embarrassment and shame were the words of the day; especially after what she endured, Shelton did not want to hear my name for anything!!!

She again found herself on the brink of depression, especially since she had to go back to traditional work. Besides her children, Salaam was all Shelton had, even those that "had her back" withered away and distance themselves. Yet, despite her skills, she was underemployed,

It just seemed like ends refused to meet--it was not like I lived above my means, it just meant that I needed help!

So I looked up different ways to earn online. Then I wrote a blog! I did not stay committed and before long, back to the classifieds, I went.

Reluctantly, she did, and within 3 years, they laid her off, furloughed, or the last one hired, first one fired. NEVER in all of Shelton's' working life did she get released under NO circumstance. They let her go 3 different times and boy did it knock the wind from out of her, the car accident did not help any either.

Shelton then figured, losing your job can be traumatic. But it can also be the New Beginning to the rest of your life story. Then her book was born...The authors This masterpiece is from a collection of dedicated Entrepreneurs that finally left the 40/40/40 Club 'CONGRATULATIONS! YOU JUST LOST YOUR JOB' shared journeys from Employees to Entrepreneurs. SO, Congratulations You Just Lost Your J.O.B If you were struggling THEN, well you know the rest! Read about the joys of not having a J.O.B situation- Just Over Broke or Juggling Overdue Bills. The epitome of being underemployed; but at an old age.

When Shelton wrote this book, she actually spoke from experience and it is her hope to optimistically enrich someone's life by pushing them towards their dreams! Little did she know that she was awaking the champion within herself and others, especially now! Soon, she felt the Authorship bug...then wrote How About a Lifestyle Change

This book shares new insights, case studies, and "lessons learned" from those that struggled with some form of addiction.

The addictions depicted in this book are: 

- financial carelessness,
- eating, sex, drugs, alcohol,
- being Institutionalized and
- "The Church" 

The goal was to have readers gain insight and means of developing ways to fortify their worth and seeking the inner natural high as opposed to the outer fix many seeks when placating the "void", especially after being underemployed. There is something in this book that one can gain from each of these phases;

- Acceptance: Removing the Compulsions

- Realization: Rebuilding the Inside 

- Reflection: Releasing the Transformed Lifestyle. Shelton also saw the same silent suffering as it relates to attitudes and behaviors among many people that she knew or knew of including herself.

I knew that there was an answer, I mean, I was credentialed as an Expert in Substance Abuse, Mental Health Counseling, Family Counseling, and Vocational Counseling--Shelton

Trying to teach people that "addiction" as we once knew (drugs and alcohol) is an unfair assessment of what many in society are suffering from. Because if someone continues to do the same thing over and repeatedly despite the negative consequences such as increased unhealthy weight, constant pain, and suffering financially, mentally, emotionally, physically, and extrinsically, chances are there may be an addictive trait.

Did I feel accomplished? Yes!! I had many people write to me and tell me how much that book changed their lives. Yet, I needed to offer more! Something that even a young person could grasp and grow from. I felt RICH inside, not a monetary rich; but a rich that was far more of a reward-- I felt like I helped others.

What was birthed, Prerequisite to Adulting 101, again, it was great to become a published Author with information that was proven to help others. Imagine, graduating from high school, onward to the most exciting part of your life, only to realize that you do not understand the basics such as dealing with disappointments?

What if you could not choose a career, how to wash clothes, how to sew a button, how to tell time on an analog clock, write in cursive, or how to cook a meal? Imagine being an adult and not knowing how to balance your checkbook, where and how to deposit money in an ATM, how to file taxes, how to get a loan for a home and so much more.

Even worse, imagine realizing this when you move out and now you are on your own... YIKES!!
Prerequisite to Adulting is a book that offers mandatory life lessons that teach students the basic things that they should know before they turn 21 years old. These are the things that we SHOULD teach in school...but we don't!

Prerequisite to Adulting 101 covers everything from taxes, voting registration to balancing a checkbook, and mastering finances. Together, we can stop the cycle of unprepared Adults and empower them with the tools to thrive.

Shelton found that bookings were coming quicker than ever after publishing my books and consulting! She was finally taken seriously as an expert...why? because she wrote a book about it. People are looking for answers and someone credible to give the solutions! That is what Shelton did. SO, she started to teach people how to blog simply by using the content from their book, or vice versa, and get paid!

Things began to go really well, soon that memory of homelessness became more and more distant. But was she rich? Nope, it just simply replaced a much-needed income to keep a roof over her family's' heads. 

This opened the door for contracts galore and life was looking like Shelton FINALLY made it, no more debts, no more retributions, no more looks glorious until...COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, her book Congratulations! You Just Lost Your JOB flew off the shelves in Walmart. underemployed and unemployed people needed answers, her book gave them.

Shelton felt it was her duty to inform as many people that were underemployed as possible to start their business and start it fast. But that was wrong, they had to learn how to enjoy the journey to entrepreneurship! Shelton remembered sleeping in an abandoned Brownstone not that long ago, today, she helps underemployed men and women realize their skills and what is needed to live and be successful.

Which part of the pie are you craving to enjoy? Let's talk about it! So Wealthy Mom, Rich Mom keep running across my thoughts! Why not write a book that would break the code to wealth and teach the World that Rich is equated to how long you can stay emancipated from a job...wealth is time and living a comfortable life with the opportunity to do and buy what you desire? 

Does Sneak peek?

Readers will be able to journal their journey to wealth, they will learn how to invest, put away for a rainy day, and ways to release the poverty mindset. Shelton is elated to share this masterpiece, they set it to release June 24th at 7:58 pm EST, that date is significant because that is the love of her life, Salaams' birthday, and birth year (converted from the military time) Be sure to check out her website from time to time to learn about the release party and how you can get a complimentary copy for your child, or youth in your life. 

When asked how does she feel today? She said like a million bucks all while striving towards wealth!

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