Invisus Announces New Home Cyber Protection Platform

American Fork, UT, February 03, 2021 -- INVISUS announced today the release of a major upgrade to iDefend, its flagship home, and the family protection program. iDefend has become a next-gen solution to meet the fast-changing cybersecurity and privacy needs for individuals, families, and people working from home in today’s interconnected digital age.

With the impact of the COVID pandemic and other digital convergence trends, the home has become the center of work, learning, shopping, and entertainment for individuals and families around the world. Cybercriminals recognize this massive shift to a tech-centered smart home environment and are escalating their attacks on the home front to not only steal their personal information and their money but to leverage them to launch back-door cyberattacks against employers, schools, utilities, and more.

Mounting concerns over personal privacy with big tech and government overreach are also driving consumers to seek help protecting their personal information and private lives from prying eyes more than ever before.

iDefend was created in response to the escalating need for a more complete, all-in-one solution that is simple and affordable for the consumer market. According to INVISUS CEO James Harrison, “At this point, everyone needs a completely personal and home cyber protection plan to defend against today’s digital threats. Antivirus software and identity protection services alone are no longer enough to safeguard against personal cyber threats in today’s environment.”

iDefend is a complete home cyber protection platform covering four core areas of risk including identity theft, network, and device security, online privacy, and technical support services. Combined with the company’s cyber support hotline and dedicated team of security experts, this provides individuals, families, and work from home professionals with maximum protection and personalized one-on-one care in a single plan at a price point virtually anyone can afford. Prices range from $8.95 to $34.95 per month.

iDefend is now available from INVISUS directly and at discounted rates through many authorized INVISUS partner organizations nationwide. 

Since 2001, INVISUS has been an innovator and leader of proactive cybersecurity and identity protection services for consumers and small to mid-sized businesses. As a leading cyber risk management company with customers around the globe, INVISUS provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to reduce cyber risk, monitor, protect and respond to cybersecurity and data breach incidents.

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