Bruneau & Co.'s Fall Comic, TCG (Trading Card Games) & Toy Auction will be Held Live and Online, Saturday, October 15th

Cranston, RI, USA, October 4, 2022 -- A rare 1993 factory-sealed Magic: The Gathering Beta Edition starter deck, a copy of Marvel Comics X-Men #1 from 1963 graded CGC 5.0, and an estate-fresh collection of 73 1929 Kashin Publications R316 baseball cards, including Babe Ruth, will all come up for bid in Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers’ Fall Comic, TCG & Toy auction on Saturday, October 15th. 

The 246-lot auction, at 10 am Eastern time, will be held online as well as in the Bruneau & Co. gallery located at 63 Fourth Avenue in Cranston. “After a series of single owner auctions, it’s exciting to be offering an array of comics, trading cards and toys,” said Travis Landry, a Bruneau & Co. auctioneer and the firm’s Director of Pop Culture. “I’m most excited to see the Magic Beta starter deck cross the block, a piece rarely found on the market and a first for us here.” 

The factory-sealed 1993 Magic: The Gathering Beta Edition starter deck presents a rare opportunity for MTG collectors. After Wizards of the Coast experienced success with the Alpha edition in August 1993, it released Beta two months later. This box could contain a Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, Timetwister, the Power 9, or Volcanic Island. So, keep it sealed or remove the wrap? That will be up to the winning bidder (est. $15,000-$25,000). 

The copy of Marvel Comics X-Men #1 (Sept. 1963) graded CGC 5.0, features the origin and first appearance of the X-Men and Magneto. Per the CGC census, 205 copies of the book are graded 5.0 and 746 are graded higher. This one is expected to bring $10,000-$15,000. 

“The comic and toy auctions always bring joy and happiness to the gallery, as the colors blend and make for a great display,” said Kevin Bruneau, the president of Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers and an auctioneer. “While this auction offers our usual selection of comics and cards, there’s a great mix of collectibles, too. It is not every day you see a large group of R316 baseball cards.” 

Indeed, the group of 73 1929 Kashin Publications R316 premium photo baseball cards is expected to attract great attention, especially since it contains a Babe Ruth Card, graded at about 2.5-3.0. Other cards, all measuring 4 ½ inches by 3 ¼ inches, include Rogers Hornsby, Hack Wilson, Sam Rice, Howard Ehmke, Ad Liska, Fred Schulte and Taylor Douthit, amongst others. Conditions range from approximately 2.0 to 5.0 (est. $2,000-$3,000). 

A copy of Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962), graded CGC 1.0, featuring the origin and first appearance of the Incredible Hulk and first appearance of Rick Jones, Betty Ross and General Ross, with cream and off-white pages, should hit 3,000-$5,000. 

An incredible lifetime collection of Disney Pin Trading collectible pins – around 3,500 pieces – including Hidden Mickey cast member pins, resort exclusives, park exclusives, Vacation Club exclusives, limited edition pin sets, and several international exclusive pins from Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong, is expected to command $2,000-$3,000. 

A copy of Marvel Comics Amazing Spider-Man #31 (Dec. 1965), graded CGC 8.5, featuring the first appearance of Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn, and Professor Miles Warren, should fetch $2,000-$3,000. A copy of Marvel Comics Iron Man and Sub-Mariner issue #1 (April 1968), graded CGC 9.4, predating both Iron Man #1 and Sub-Mariner #1, with appearances by Whiplash and Destiny, signed by Stan Lee, should rise to $1,800-$2,400. 

A complete set of 1996 Magic: The Gathering Mirage trading cards – 350 in all – with Lion’s Eye Diamond (CGC 9) and Phyrexian Dreadnought (CGC 9) graded to exemplify condition, is expected to change hands for $1,000-$1,500. The cards, which show just light wear and have been cared for since new, have a pre-sale estimate of $1,000-$1,500. 

A 1993 Magic: The Gathering Arabian Nights Juzam Djinn trading card, graded CGC 9 Mint, is expected to soar to $1,000-$1,500. Also, a complete set of six 1984 LJN Dune action figures, including Baron Harkonnen, Feyd, Paul Atreides, Rabban, Sardaukar Warrior, and Stilgar the Fremen, all factory sealed and graded C7.5+, with light to moderate shelf wear, overall a great set and hard to find, has an estimate of $700-$1,000. 

Internet bidding will be facilitated by,, and the mobile app “Bruneau & Co.” on iTunes or GooglePlay. 

Previews will be held in the Bruneau & Co. gallery on Thursday and Friday, October 13th and 14th, from 9 am to 4 pm Eastern time. Doors will open on auction day, Saturday, October 15th, at 8 am. For more info you may call 401-533-9980, or, email to

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