BTI Completes Phase 2 of Second City Lab Move for Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Jack Szostak from MGH/Harvard Medical School to the University of Chicago

Chicago, IL, Boston, MA and Hanover, MA, March 23, 2023 --
Brookline Transportation, Inc. (BTI), a Mayflower Van Lines agent specializing in commercial, lab, medical, science and residential moves, recently completed the second phase of the relocation of the laboratory of Nobel Prize winner Dr. Jack Szostak from the Richard Simches Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital to the Searle Chemistry Lab at the University of Chicago. The move took place February 23 to February 28.

The initial move took place at the end of September 2022. A redundant lab was kept at Mass General as a contingency plan. Once the lab at the University of Chicago was set up completely, Phase two was scheduled.

“The redundant lab strategy safeguards labs against things beyond the mover’s control. Heaven forbid if there was some malfunction or accident in a move and all specimens were lost,” said George Rohlfing, owner of and the family-owned and operated Brookline Transportation, Inc (BTI). “The second phase to move Dr. Szostak’s remaining specimens and equipment is smaller but also involves many of the challenges of the first phase.”

Some of those challenges included providing customized crating for the lab’s Typhoon imager and assisting in packing the machine. The move also required a permit from the University of Chicago so BTI could have access to the quad near the Searle Chemistry Lab.

“Accessing the lab through the quad meant transferring items from our 18-wheeler to a smaller truck,” added Rohlfing.

On February 28, BTI’s team unloaded the truck for the Nobel Prize winner. Mission accomplished.

“For both moves, George really listened to my concerns and put those into action. He consolidated items going to the same part of the lab on pallets. Those pallets were then delivered to where they would go in the lab. So, when it came time to unpack it wasn’t a treasure hunt. Everything was right where it was supposed to be,” said Fanny Ng, Szostak Lab Manager.

Dr. Szostak was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, along with Elizabeth Blackburn and Carol W. Greider, for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres. His achievement helped scientists to map the location of genes in mammals and to develop techniques for manipulating genes. His research findings in this area are also instrumental to the Human Genome Project.

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