Why A Day in The Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston Should Be in Every School

Our little ones are precious. They need attention, care, and love, especially during the development years. These years are crucial for their adequate growth. This makes it integral for us to offer our toddlers the right exposure, such as books or visual content. The only problem is the difficulty in finding a piece of literature that is not only immersive but also teaches the child something substantial.

It's a myth that children do not grasp much in their developmental years, while the reality is the opposite. They are constantly absorbing information left, right, and center. Michael D Eastwood presents the perfect book for your toddler. A book that is the ideal blend between education and fun!

Presenting, A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston!

Here's why the book should be in every's school's curriculum.

Channeling the inner artist
A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston is a book that sends you on a journey through a productive day in the life of Cowboy Mike and his miniature pony Winston. What's so intriguing about the book at its first glance is the illustrations! Excuse us for judging the book by the cover. You will be compelled to open it right after seeing the vivid colors splashed in all the right places, featuring the cutest characters and beautiful backgrounds of Cowboy Mike's farm. The book will make your child want to pick up the paintbrush and replicate the beautiful illustrations in Michael D Eastwood's book.

Teaching discipline
Discipline is at the foundation of every school. This is taught since kindergarten to help kids become well-rounded individuals. You cannot lead a good life without having a routine. A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston sees the two buddies go through the day together in a well-reformed timetable—from waking up early to playing with friends till Cowboy Mike tucks Winston to bed. Teachers can use this notion to help children learn the core value of discipline.

In the book, you will see Cowboy Mike teaching little children, emphasizing the importance of learning. Reading through the book, your child will have a sense of inspiration and drive that would make them have the eagerness to be taught as well. The book is laced with notions of friendship and the unity between a man and his best friend, his miniature pony, which also teaches children kindness, essential for their social life in school.

All in all, Michael D Eastwood has penned an excellent children's book that has you envy you weren't exposed to it in your kindergarten days. Recommend the book to your child's teacher now!

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